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IT Contracts
Our services include advice and contracts for all types of technology transactions, with our team providing advice on, drafting and negotiating hundreds of technology transaction agreements.

Our team’s expertise covers all aspects of technology transactions, both complex and simple. 

From providing a company’s standard agreements for the supply of hardware, software, SAAS, support, hosting and consulting services, as well as more complex agreements for fixed price consulting, managed services or systems integration.

Our lawyers have also advised on, drafted and negotiated scores of distribution agreements with VARs, OEMs and resellers with local and international companies.

We cover:

  • End-user agreements, such as software licences, hardware acquisition or sale, SAAS, support and maintenance agreements, consulting agreements, facilities management agreements, escrow agreements, managed services agreements, ASP and hosting agreements, software-as-a-service agreements, website development agreements and agreements for e-mail filtering, messaging services and back-up services
  • More complex agreements, such as fixed-price consulting agreements and systems integration agreements, together with their subcontracts.
  • All types of distribution agreements, including reseller agreements, OEM agreements and VAR agreements, as well as co-operative marketing agreements, teaming agreements, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Letters of Intent (LoIs).