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Software Licence Compliance
Gordian Lawyers (formerly Pym’s Technology Lawyers) are specialists in assisting clients on software licence compliance issues.
We can provide advice when a client wants to re-assess which licences it holds so that the client can try and re-deploy them to minimise its licensing and support costs, when a client wishes to pro-actively understand and improve the management of its software licence assets, or following an audit from a software vendor.
In each of these situations it has proven possible to reduce a client’s overall costs and limit a client’s exposure to potential claims from software vendors. In some cases we have been able to save clients millions of dollars when defending against an audit claim by a software vendor.

As Gordian Lawyers do not sell any third party software that may be identified as being required following an audit, you can be assured of impartial and independent advice.

We cover:

  • Assessment of software installations against licences held.
  • Assessment of legal risks and options.
  • Negotiations to resolve any differences between installed/used software and licensed software.
  • Negotiating on-going commercial arrangements to ensure that future purchases are at an agreed rate.

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