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Outsourcing and Alliancing

Gordian Lawyers’ (formerly Pym’s Technology Lawyers) services include all types of outsourcing agreements.

Gordian’s founder, Mike Pym, has particular expertise in this area, having been the lead legal adviser to one of the world’s leading outsource service providers for many years.

Mike’s experience has seen him lead legal teams on multiple outsource projects with Total Contract Values (TCV) exceeding $100 million, two outsource projects worth more than $1 billion TCV, and many others.

Mike has recognised, real world experience, and has worked with, or on the other side of, major outsourcing sourcing strategy advisers, including TPI and Capgemini.

Mike has been through specialist in-house training on how to sell, negotiate, structure, draft and close multi-hundred million dollar outsourcing deals.

Our services in respect of agreements based on KPI based payments, cost plus arrangements, relationship contracts, strategic global framework agreements or pure ‘alliancing’ arrangements include:

  • Evaluation of the most appropriate business and contract model.
  • Assistance with the procurement process.
  • Drafting and negotiating the contracts.
  • On-going contract management.

Our experience includes being the lead legal advisor in one of the few pure alliancing contracts in the ICT industry in Australia.